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Squirrel Feeders

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Squirrels have a bad habit for stealing corn and nuts from bird feeders. These creatures find it alluring to have feeding system with seeds just sitting waiting for them to devour. If you want to prevent them from eating the bird feed, you can put a squirrel feeder in the backyard. These days, you can mind different types to select from.

First of all, you have a basic feeder that is similar to bird feeders. This is made from wood and will have a perch designed so that the squirrels can rest while eating. Generally, the sides and the front of the feeder would be trimmed in copper, stopping the squirrels from gnawing away at the feeder. There is also hinged lid for you to add seeds and corn as required.

Next, you have the squirrel diner which is built to be mounted on a tree and is crafted from powder coated steel. With this material, you will have a feeder that can last for a lifetime because it's resistant to chewing and rust. This is small feeder that can hold corn kernels, seeds and peanuts. You can also mount it on a wooden post or a back porch.

The recycled feeders are becoming extremely popular. These are generally built from recycled plastic and milk jugs which cannot crack or fade. This kind of feeder can be bird proof, because the squirrels would have to raise the cover in order to eat. This can be attached to a patio, tree or wooden post.

There is also the Bungee squirrel feeder. These are built with a bungee section that will rebound down and up while the squirrels go up to eat. This kind of feeder is specially designed to hook up ears of corn that you can fasten with eye screws. This can be attached to a hook or even tree branch using a tie fixture and chain.

You can also make a simple feeder by nailing two cuts of wood together to form a T shape. You could use the hammer to drive a large nail throughout one section of the wood in order to affix the ear of corn. The other side can then be nailed to a wooden post or tree so that the corn cob is an upright position. The squirrel will be able to sit on the wood to chew the corn cob.
Squirrel Feeder

Last but least, you can also find readymade kits available for you to build your own squirrel feeder. You can purchase these online and from local home improvement stores. All that you need is a bit of wood working skills and a burning desire to protect your bird feeders from squirrels.

Squirrel feeders come in a range of styles, from feeder boxes to springing cables. At Squirrel Feeders Online we aim to provide you with all the information you seek regarding Squirrel Feeders.

From the simple to the outrageous, squirrel feeders are a great way to spice up your front yard or your cabin. They provide a great way to connect with nature while keeping your distance & not harming any animals. Squirrel feeders have been around since man first encountered the animal thousands of years ago.

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Don't Forget!  Squirrel Appreciation Day is January 21, 2014!